Wendy Williams FINALLY Addresses Her Own Tea: Suggests That Rehab Treatment Helped Free Her From Cheating Hubby

TV talk queen Wendy Williams finally addressed the swirling drama surrounding her husband, Kevin, and the nationally covered news that Wendy filed for divorce last week–shortly after word hit the curb that Kev’s alleged concubine had given birth.

Fans questioned how and why Wendy would put up with such a ridiculous situation, especially since Kevin allegedly bought his concubine more than one living space during their years-long affair–with money earned by Wendy, no doubt.

Kevin is a producer on Wendy’s show, and reportedly, there is no pre-nup. Its unclear how the divorce will affect his future with the program.

Hinting at her own marital woes throughout this morning’s show, Wendy told her studio audience that she was preparing to embark on a presumably Kevin-less “new life” with herself and the now-divorcing couple’s son, Kevin, Jr., who is attending college.

Wendy also suggested that her treatment in a sober house opened her eyes to the realities of the bum rap she was getting from her man.

But without a pre-nup, Wendy’s fans fear Kev and his new baby mama and their young’N may soon be living even higher off the hog, a la Wendy’s dough; Wendy has long been the primary breadwinner in the family, and has an estimated wealth of $60 million.

But she may come out OK due to an infidelity clause present in most prenuptial agreements.

Right now, fans are hoping Wendy doesn’t fall off the wagon again–and back into the arms of Kevin.

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