Arrest Warrant Issued For Offset Over Fan Phone Incident

Migos rapper Offset is set to add another pic to his ever-growing collage of booking photos because police in an Atlanta suburb are looking to put some handcuffs on Migos rapper Offset over an incident at a Target store in which the rapper appears on video to have swatted a fan’s camera away, causing damage.

Sandy Springs police plan to charge Offset, government name
Kiari Cephus, with criminal damage to property.

The drama unfolded when a teenager at a Target store spotted Offset shopping for electronics and decided to fire up his iPhone to get video footage of the rap superstar.

But the teen reportedly didn’t ask for the footage, possibly irritating Offset who then unnecessarily slapped the pricey phone from the teen’s hands, destroying the device.

The April 25 incident quickly made the rounds on social media and the teen’s mom, Maribel Gibbons, added fuel to the fire when she took to social media to seemingly threaten Offset with her husband, a very old man who she implies would have dealt with Offset had he been there with their teen son when his phone was broken.

Perhaps not surprisingly, social media users weren’t impressed with Maribel or her husband and quickly ridiculed Maribel–and her hubby and son–over the post.

Meanwhile, social media commentators seemed divided over Offset’s actions: some say the rapper was somewhat justified because the teen presumably rolled a camera without permission near his face; others say Offset is a very famous rapper who should have handled the matter without being rude and certainly not getting physical, let alone destorying a fan’s property.

Had he done the latter, then maybe he wouldn’t have to deal with cops–again–or Maribel, who may be gearing up to sue the rapper.

This is only the latest run-in with cops for Offset, hubby of rapper Cardi B: He’s presently out on bail on firearm and marijuana charges in neighboring Clatyon county, Georgia.

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