Raz B. Accused Of Battering Girlfriend, Held Without Bail

Raz B of the boy band B2K has been arrested, charged with allegedly beating and reportedly attempting to strangle his girlfriend, actress and rapper Kallee Brookes.

Raz, legal name, De’Mario Monte Thornton, 33, was arrested after Kallee called 911, saying she had been attacked.

He’s currently being held in Minneapolis’ Hennepin jail without bail.

Getting locked up for laying hands to his GF is just the latest in years-long woes for Raz, who was expected to perform with the rest of B2K at a concert scheduled for Wednesday night at the Target Center in Minneapolis as part of their reunion tour.

Its anybody’s guess if Raz will be taking the stage with the rest of the fellas tonight.

Previously, Raz had announced on social media that he would withdraw from the tour but later changed his mind.

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