Black Texas Police Chief Apologizes After Photo of Black Man Being Pulled Down Street By Horse-Riding White Cops With Rope Around His Neck Sparks Outrage

Remember, this is Donald Trump’s America.

The police chief of Galveston, Texas was forced to apologize as a result of mounting public furor after two of his police officers were photographed pulling a Black misdemeanor suspect down a city road while the cops rode horseback–while the accused wore what appeared to be a rope around his body.

In a scene from the slavery era, 43-year-old Donald Neely was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing. But the humiliating photo of Neely quickly went viral, prompting widespread criticism of the Galveston police department.

Galveston Police Chief Vernon L. Hale III, who is Black himself, was forced to address the growing outrage but his department felt the need to point out that the device seen lopped around Neely’s frame was not a rope, but a “line” that was clipped to Neely’s handcuffs, as if that made the spectacle more justifiable.

He also said the decision to dispatch horse riding White cops who then paraded a tied up Black man down a busy city street was “poor judgment”. Ummm, For real?

“While this technique of using mounted horses to transport a person during an arrest is considered a best practice in certain scenarios, such as during crowd control, the practice was not used correctly in this instance,” police said in a statement. There was no transportation immediately available at the time of the arrest, a statement by Galveston police said.

The officers showed “poor judgment” and “could have waited for a transport unit at the location of the arrest,” he added.

Its unclear if this is a regular method of prisoner transport by Texas cops.

Neely reportedly suffers from bipolar personality and has struggled with homelessness. He was detained nearly 20 hours in a local jail subsequent to this arrest.

According to reports, Neely and his family may not have to worry about being homeless again: his family is allegedly considering filing suit over the incident.

Neely’s weekend arrest occurred the same day that a gunman walked into a Wal-Mart on the other side of the state and killed and wounded nearly 45 people in what has been described as a White supremacist terrorist attack.

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