Days After Harrowing Drive-By, Yung Miami Of City Girls Tells Young Women To Make Their Men Invest In Them

JT of the popular City Girls rap duo is looking at a March 2020 release from the fed joint after she was stuffed in a cell on credit card fraud charges.

Meanwhile, her rap partner is thanking God she didn’t end up in the morgue after she and her unborn baby survived a harrowing drive-by in Miami in which her candy apple red Mercedes G-Wagon was shot at reportedly more than a dozen times.

According to reports, the horrifying drama of the shooting and the anxiety of what could have happened to her and her baby has given Yung Miami serious second thoughts about saying in the rap game.

But in the meantime, Yung Miami took to Instagram to offer some investment banking advice to her female fans.

You can secure the bag in many ways. The most important way is to invest in something you love and keep flipping it —whether it’s hair, clothes, makeup, etc.

She went a step further, encouraging women to make their men put their money where their mouth is.

Also, if you’re dating someone, tell him to invest in you! [Have them] buy you a business so that way your bag is secured! PERIODT

The City Girls exploded onto the rap scene last year with strong, female-first lyrics and insatiable Quality Control-crafted beats that found a ready audience.

But as JT’s release date draws closer, many fans are wondering if the duo will stay together.

Yung Miami often shouts out her incarcerated rhyme partner on social media and in interviews, but some fans wonder if Yung Miami will continue on her own after JT jumps out since she (Yung Miami) has enjoyed broad success as a solo artist though under a duo name.

JT could be released to a halfway house as early as next month.

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