Did One Woman Home Invade, Beat and Rob Elderly Woman After Tossing Bricks Through The Windows of Random Homes?

Metro Atlanta police are trying to determine if one woman is responsible for a bizarre and violent crime spree. According to reports, a woman traveled to several neighborhoods in multiple jurisdictions evidently for the sole purpose of throwing bricks through the windows of homes belonging to people who say they don’t even know her.

A doorbell camera caught the unidentified big mama hurling bricks like a Major League pitcher and then causally leaving the scene.

That occurred after she tossed a brick into a glass door at a local university, and then clocked a professor in the face.

It goes without saying that police believe the woman is mentally ill.

Across town in East Point, an elderly woman came home to an ambush as a woman that looks like the Brick Thrower was waiting in her home after breaking in. The suspect then tied up the elderly woman, beat her until she gave up her PIN code, and then stole and used the elderly woman’s debit card.

Whether all this is the handiwork of one suspect or not, cops told local media they want the suspect or suspect(s) in all the cases in jail bad.

“You can’t be causing people harm, hurting people and costing people money,” Gwen Williams told WSB-TV; Ms. Williams’ Clayton county home got a brick thrown into its window as well.

Police are asking with information on the identity and or whereabouts of the woman to contact them but not to confront her as she is considered dangerous and possibly armed…with at least some bricks.

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