Life Sentence For Creep Who Raped, Impregnated 10 Year Old While Visiting Her Mom

It should go without saying that EVERY parent needs to be careful who they have around their small children.

And this is the face (above) of 37 year old Tony Singleton, a South Carolina “man”–for lack of a better word–who a jury convicted of raping a 10 year old girl–who, even more horrifying, ended up pregnant.

Singleton was at the child’s home visiting her mother when he at some point went into the little girl’s room where she was watching SpongeBob SquarePants and proceeded to rape her, according to prosecutors.

Her family learned of the assault in April 2016 — “several months” after the incident — as the girl’s mother took her to the hospital for an abortion, according to the 14th Circuit Solicitor’s Office. A DNA sample taken from the fetus confirmed Singleton was the unborn child’s father, prosecutors said.–NY Daily News

The jury only needed 51 minutes to deliberate, delivering a guilty verdict.

Singleton was then handed a much-deserved life sentence.

“This man was someone she trusted, someone who lurked inside her home, someone who changed the fabric of his victim’s life forever,” prosecutor Hunter Swanson said in a statement.

“This girl should be getting ready to go back to school, making friends, braiding her hair — things other girls her age typically are engaged in,” he said. “Instead, she’s in a courtroom, reliving a horrific ordeal.”

On the flip side of an awful story, its Singleton who now has to worry whether his new friends in the state pen will be trying to make him end up needing an abortion.

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