Inadvertent Self-Spilled Tea? ‘Straight Pride’ Rally Organizer Tells City Council His Organization Is A “Totally Peaceful Racist Group”

In what some labeled an untimely Freudian slip, the leader of a group planning to host a “Straight Pride” rally in contrast to September’s Pride and Black Gay Pride events held across the country told the Modesto, California City Council in a public meeting that his group is peaceful–and racist.

“You pulled the race card,” Don Grundmann, reportedly a chiropractor from the Bay Area, said as he pointed at one council member at the meeting Wednesday, according to a YouTube clip uploaded by the local Modesto newspaper. “You pulled the race card to pull in attacks against us, to justify attacks against us in that park, and when they come you’re going to turn right around and say we deserved it. We haven’t done anything, we’re a totally peaceful racist group.”

Grundmann tried to correct himself but the damage was done, and the crowd that gathered to protest his movements erupted in taunting laughter aimed at him.

Grundmann clearly knew he had made a fool of himself–and perhaps let folks in on his real Tea?

Grundmann then swerved to Planned Parenthood, saying the organization kills Black babies, something many other conservatives have said as well.

Grundman has claimed his rally in California set for next month serves a religious purpose, and was quoted saying masculinity and heterosexuality is under attack in American society.

But some believe Grundmann has a different agenda, with some comparing him to a Grand Dragon online.

Incidentally, Grundmann has been quoted as saying, “Its OK to be White”.

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