Way Back Wednesdays…Aretha Franklin: Get It Right

Rolling back to 1983, “Get It Right” was a so-called Soulful Boogie joint that quickly rose to the top of the then-standard Hot Soul Singles Chart.

The Luther Vandross-written and produced track came a few years after the Disco Era had ended, but people were still demanding soul-powered grooves to get down to.

Franklin delivered a hit as expected, but the song inspired a momentary falling out between the two musical powerhouses as Franklin reportedly stormed out of a studio because she said Vandross was offering too many unwanted critiques to the famously confident Queen Of Soul.

Aretha recalled the strife in an interview.

“All of a sudden Luther wanted to tell me how to sing, when it was me whom he had learned much about how to sing. My point was simple: If he wanted to tell the artists how to sing, why didn’t he sing it himself? His job was to produce and advise the artists about phrasing, diction, melody, and to be adventurous and say certain things, but definitely not say, ‘Sing it like this.'” “I picked up my coat and walked out of the studio as he and I continued shouting at each other,” Aretha wrote. “When I say this, I say it with respect and I say it in a positive vein. Luther and I really do like each other. We have a lot of mutual respect for each other even when we are not talking, we are still cool. I guess you could call it Aries butting heads, because he’s an Aries too. We are very opinionated people.”

Both legends have since passed on but left behind massive musical legacies.

Get It Right was a dance floor tune that isn’t usually mentioned as among Aretha’s long catalog of hits, partly because the song was a then-departure from Aretha’s trademark style but went on to became an old skool dance favorite.

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