Wendy Williams Gives Meek Mill Some Cougar Sugar In Awkward Kiss Pic

Our favorite TV lady, Wendy Williams, has been a little bit of a loosey goosey since her marriage to her baby-making hubby, Kevin Hunter, sank. Partying with reality stars; finding a new younger (much younger) boo thang; and now, giving Meek Mill some unexpected sugar in a now-viral pic.

Unexpected may be an understatement. Wendy reportedly pulled Meek toward her, then leveled some smack, but Meek has a look on his face that seems to say: WTF?!, and, Somebody Please Come Get Your Grandmama!

The smooch went down at Rick Ross’s listening party.

Wendy frequently talked up Meek on her popular daytime show while he was locked down in Philly courtesy of a groupie judge slashed failed actress who allegedly decided to railroad Meek because he declined to re-record a Boyz II Men ballad in tribute to the judge.

Wendy evidently just wanted to congratulate Meek on making it out the pokey. That’s sweet.

But it looks like he might have just been cool with a handshake.

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