Woman Who Claims She Exposed Countless Men To HIV Now Claims She Doesn’t Have The Virus After Cops Close In

Brandi Yakeima Lasiter may have thought she was being somehow cute when she recorded a now-viral Facebook video in which she claims she has HIV and was happy to pass the virus on to her unsuspecting homeboys down in tiny Americus, Georgia and, as a result, their wives and girlfriends as well.

But now she could be on her way to the chain gang.

“Motherf****** play with me, I told ya, I’m a evil motherf*****,” Lasiter says in the video. “I’m evil as hell. I get real nasty and evil. Yeah.”

Lasiter reportedly recorded the video as a taunt after she suffered some sort of heartbreak by some unidentified male or men she was bedding.

At least one of the men she named in the video, horrified that he was named in a video by a woman claiming she’d sexed him and possibly exposed him to HIV, reportedly filed harassment charges against her with the police, which helped put the law enforcement spotlight on Lasiter.

Cops in Americus are now investigating Lasiter for possible felony charges, with their primary objective determining if in fact Lasiter has HIV, the virus that is known to cause AIDS.

If she does have it, she faces years in prison: Authorities have cited Georgia Code 16-5-60, which makes it illegal to knowingly attempt to transmit HIV. The charge is a felony.

Lasiter’s video, in which she called out several of her alleged sex partners slash possible, quickly went viral, bringing Lasiter scorn on social media–and police attention.

But Lasiter is now claiming she isn’t HIV positive, and recorded the video “out of anger”. Police are’t taking her word for it.

Even if she doesn’t have HIV, Lasiter could still face charges over a hoax, according to reports.

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