Flashback Fridays…Bone Thugs N Harmony Feat. Tupac: Thug Luv

Here’s a flashback to the mid 1990s, when Bone Thugs N Harmony and Tupac were among the cadre of Hip Hop artists dominating radio airwaves and car cassette and CD players. ‘Pac ... Continue Reading →

Lil Wayne Drops 13th Studio Album, “Funeral”

Young Money head honcho Lil Wayne is back in the mix, after dropping his latest album, “Funeral”, in the wee hours. Its the New Orleans rapper’s 13th studio album, ... Continue Reading →

Republicans Ready To Acquit Trump While Democrats Say Move Could Lead To Unlimited Power For President

Republican senators are set to acquit President Donald Trump on charges that he abused his position of power by withholding Congressionally-earmarked funds intended to help Ukraine ... Continue Reading →

Rapper Pastor Troy Says He Owes “No Apology” To Lil Nas X–But Doesn’t Rule Out A Future Collaboration; Meanwhile, Rapper Set To Become Public School Teacher?

Days after old time rapper Pastor Troy expressed his disgust with Grammy-winning, openly gay rapper Lil Nas X’s fashion choices and sexuality, social media users are still ... Continue Reading →

Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancee Says She Wasn’t Aware Of His Sexuality, Thinks Netflix Documentary Producers Should Have Left Topic Alone

Shayanna Jenkins, baby mother and fiancee of deceased former Florida Gators and New England Patriots star tight end Aaron Hernandez, gave a long-anticipated interview to Good Morning ... Continue Reading →

Trump Allies Handing Out Cash Prizes To Black Voters?

Supporters of President Donald Trump are throwing giveaways to Black voters across the country, according to POLITICO. Allies of Donald Trump have begun holding events in black ... Continue Reading →

Georgia County Extends Temporary Ban On ‘Dollar Stores’

One of Georgia’s biggest counties has extended its ban on dollar stores, such as Family Dollar, Dollar General and Dollar Tree. The new extension imposes a 6 month moratorium ... Continue Reading →

Hip Hop–And Major Rap Artists–Have The Power To Increase Voter Turnout

This Editorial Appeared In The Gainesville Sun on Jan. 29,2020 and Feb. 3, 2020 By: DJ 6 Minutes When rap superstar Cardi B recently announced on Twitter that she might one ... Continue Reading →

Almost 2 Million And GROWING: Petition To Have NBA Make Kobe Bryant Its New Logo Increasing In Support

The NBA should change its logo to incorporate the image of one of its most famous and beloved players, Kobe Bryant, according to a petition that has now garnered almost 2 million ... Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Set To Teach 2 Week Course At UF, But Some Students Prepare To Protest In Response

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas arrives this week at the University of Florida’s law school, but some students at the university are preparing to protest his arrival, ... Continue Reading →

Hood Economics 101: Repo Man Now Grabbing Cars While Folks Are Shopping, Due To Scanner Technology

The repo man (or woman) is starting to rely less on calling and harassing your aunties and grandma, and instead relying more on technology to help them locate and snatch your car ... Continue Reading →

Trump Impeachment Defense Prepares To Rest–While Questions Over Witnesses Lingers

The high profile lawyers deployed to defend President Donald Trump from the impeachment push backed by Democrats in the House Of Representatives are set to make their final arguments, ... Continue Reading →

MSNBC Host Denies Using N-Word, Claims She Said “Nakers”: Meanwhile, Social Media Wants Her FIRED

Allison Morris needs to be fired for calling the Los Angeles Lakers the Los Angeles n****** (N-word), according to a growing chorus of outraged observers on social media. #MSNBCisRacist ... Continue Reading →

Kobe Bryant Death Stuns Nation

The tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his teen daughter Gianna on Sunday shocked and mortified the entire nation, with reverberations felt around the world. Questions still remain ... Continue Reading →

Flashback Fridays…Khia: My Neck, My Back (Lick It) *Uncensored*

Philly-born, Tampa-bred singer/rapper Khia dropped this gem almost 20 years ago, taking female sexual empowerment to a new level when it hit the radio airwaves. The track put ... Continue Reading →