Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancee Gives First Interview Since ‘Netflix’ Documentary Aired

Shayanna Jenkins, fiancee and baby mother of former NFL superstar Aaron Hernandez, is speaking up days after a Netflix documentary aired about the troubled life–and death–of the New England Patriots tight end.

Jenkins sat down with Good Morning America and the interview is set to air Monday.

Hernandez, who was once a popular member of the Gainesville-based Florida Gators football team under quarterback Tim Tebow, took his own life in a Massachusetts jail cell in 2017. He was jailed on two murder charges but had just successfully saw one of those cases result in a not guilty verdict.

That was good news for Hernandez. The bad news is, the tea concerning his closeted life on the DL was about to make headlines.

Prior to being outed, Hernandez–as do many other men who hide their sexuality–was known to use homophobic epithets to describe gay people, even referring to some transgender inmates as “things” during phone calls with Jenkins.

Jenkins has acknowledged being aware of Hernandez’s sexuality, but many want to find out if she’ll go into deeper detail about that portion of their relationship.

Hernandez was found dead in his cell and reportedly, traces of the synthetic drug K2 was found to be in his system.

After his death, Hernandez’s brain was removed and analyzed and found to have been affected by chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which develops as a result of continual trauma to the brain.

The condition has been found in the brains of a number of professional athletes, especially football players.

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