Flashback Fridays…Khia: My Neck, My Back (Lick It) *Uncensored*

Philly-born, Tampa-bred singer/rapper Khia dropped this gem almost 20 years ago, taking female sexual empowerment to a new level when it hit the radio airwaves.

The track put Khia on the map but she could never quite match the phenomenal success of ‘Lick It’ with a follow-up.

While she didn’t rack up as many chart-toppers as some of her peers in the game snagged, such as Miami’s Trina, whom Khia exchanged blistering diss tracks with in the 2000s, she nevertheless did not stop recording and continues to stay part of the conversation–as of late, as a popular and hilarious YouTube personality with her popular “Gag” videos in which she verbally slays celebrities ranging from T.I. and Tiny to Toya Wright and and just about any and everybody else you can think of.

A couple of years ago, Khia was joined on YouTube by popular former online transgender adult actress turned TV star TS Madison, but the two fell out in a dispute that was widely discussed and observed on social media.

In several videos, the former pals duked it out, with Madison attacking Khia for driving a well-used, vintage promo van and being a so-called “one hit wonder” while Khia referred to Madison as “he” and MANdy.

***Be Advised, This Is A NSFW, Uncensored Version Of The Song***

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