Rapper Pastor Troy Says He Owes “No Apology” To Lil Nas X–But Doesn’t Rule Out A Future Collaboration; Meanwhile, Rapper Set To Become Public School Teacher?

Days after old time rapper Pastor Troy expressed his disgust with Grammy-winning, openly gay rapper Lil Nas X’s fashion choices and sexuality, social media users are still attacking the “We Ready” collaborator.

Meanwhile, Troy gave an interview to Dr. Rashad Richey and his guest Co-host Astrid Martinez from CBS46 News to further express himself after many folks came for the rapper over what is widely viewed as an anti-gay tirade.

In the interview, Troy said he doesn’t owe an apology to Lil Nas X.

Conversely, he also said he would not oppose a “meet and greet” with Lil Nas X, possibly as a precursor to a collaboration, which Troy did not rule in or out.

Ironically, the name Pastor Troy, while iconic in Black Southern Hip Hop culture, was also largely forgotten–until now.

The drama started when Troy took to social media to share that he and his 14 year old son became disgusted when they saw an Applebee’s commercial featuring two presumably gay men sharing mozzarella sticks.

The spectacle stirred homophobic resentment in the younger man, which Troy said “warmed” his heart.

Troy also said if he had to wear the pink cowboy costume that Lil Nas X wore to the Grammys, then he (Troy) basically doesn’t want a Grammy.

By the way, Pastor Troy has never won a Grammy.

Meanwhile, Troy announced he is set to become a substitute teacher for the Atlanta Public Schools system–which stunned his interview hosts, and could in and of itself become a new controversy for Troy.

Its presently unclear if his comments could jeopardize his position with the city’s public schools.

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