Republicans Ready To Acquit Trump While Democrats Say Move Could Lead To Unlimited Power For President

Republican senators are set to acquit President Donald Trump on charges that he abused his position of power by withholding Congressionally-earmarked funds intended to help Ukraine in its ongoing war with Russia, all for his own political gain.

Democrats are largely opposed to the move, which they say paves the way for near-dictatorial powers for a Commander-In-Chief that they say is clearly corrupt.

Democrats and some legal scholars have also warned that, according to the Trump lawyers who defended the President during the impeachment trial, abuse of power isn’t even grounds to remove any president. That means, Democrats say, any president could do almost anything he/she wants, especially if that president is a Republican and the GOP controls the Senate, since Republicans have done little to challenge any decision made by Trump.

Some are sounding the alarm that Trump is poised consolidate the power to do just about anything he wants, with Congress and the Courts unable or unwilling to do anything about it.

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