Trump Impeachment Defense Prepares To Rest–While Questions Over Witnesses Lingers

The high profile lawyers deployed to defend President Donald Trump from the impeachment push backed by Democrats in the House Of Representatives are set to make their final arguments, with the expectation that they’ll wrap up by late this afternoon.

Trump’s team, which includes close Trump ally and former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, Alan Dershowtiz, who helped free O.J. Simpson, and Kenneth Starr, who infamously went after Bill and Hillary Clinton in the 1990s, maintain that Trump’s actions regarding Ukraine were not improper and, they contend, even if those actions were improper, they don’t constitute an impeachable offense.

But Democrats have said hell to the no, that Trump’s Ukraine efforts smack of bribery and corruption and they want Trump removed from office.

Since Republicans control the U.S. Senate, where the trial is taking place, Trump has less than zero of any chance of being removed from office. However, his former National Security Advisor, John Bolton, has written a tell-all book in which he reportedly states that Trump directly tied witholding funding from Ukraine to Trump’s desire to have Ukraine investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Many have said Bolton’s allegations could be a game changer in the impeachment process but that remains to be seen since Republicans are reportedly planning on voting to acquit Trump in a matter of days.

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