Chinese Tech Company ‘Accidentally’ Posts Shocking Coronavirus Numbers: 154,023 Infections AND 24,589 Deaths

A Chinese tech company may have *accidentally* leaked actual infection and death statistics from the lethal coronavirus, and the numbers are terrifying: 154,023 infections and ... Continue Reading →

R.I.P.: Trayvon Martin Would Have Turned 25 Today

Slain central Florida teenager Trayvon Martin’s birthday is today; the Black teen’s violent homicide at the hands of self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman ... Continue Reading →

Stripper Bowl Scandal: Cardi B Says Theft, Lack Of Booty Shaking Among Reasons Dancers Took Home Empty Bags At Event

Rap superstar Cardi B. is responding to accusations that dancers who participated in Quality Control Music’s annual stripper bowl coinciding with Miami’s Super Bowl ... Continue Reading →

Way Back Wednesdays…69 Boyz: Tootsee Roll

In the spring of 1994, Jacksonville and Orlando combined to make a hit track that took the Miami Bass sound global: The 69 Boyz, which has at times comprised from 2 to 5 members, ... Continue Reading →

SHADE Of The Union Speech: Trump And Pelosi Snubs Make Headlines

President Donald Trump delivered his much-anticipated annual State Of The Union address last night and, even though the event was hosted not outside of but inside the Capitol’s ... Continue Reading →