A Hot Election Mess: Candidates Still Waiting To Find Out Who Won After ‘Inconsistencies’ In Iowa

There’s no clear winner in the widely anticipated Iowa Democratic Caucus, according to media reports, although South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg seemed to declare himself the winner last night. Vermont Senator Bernie sanders also said he had “a good feeling” he might come out on top as well.

But the day after the caucus ended, caucus officials have said technology is to blame for the lack of a final reported result.

A Democratic source tells CNN that the issue seems to lie with a major coding error in the app that was discovered once data started flowing into the IDP and party officials began to see discrepancies in the three data streams as the results started coming. –CNN

According to CNN, frontrunner Joe Biden was severely lagging behind in unofficial caucus reports, and may in the end come out in fourth place–or even less.

While party officials in Iowa are trying to get their thing together, the candidates have all headed east to New Hampshire for the next battle.

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