Bernie Sanders May Be Building ‘Insurmountable’ Delegate Lead In Democratic Race: Report

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has a lot of moderate Democrats worried that election losses up and down the 2020 ticket are waiting down the pike if the self-described Democratic socialist wins the nomination to face President Trump in November, according to an article in The Hill.

Over the past week, Sanders drew about 50,000 people to rallies in North Carolina, Texas, Colorado, California and Washington, punctuated by a massive event in Tacoma, Wash., which drew 17,000 people.

Sanders has opened up polling leads in California and Texas, the two biggest states to vote on March 3, and his small-dollar fundraising apparatus is steamrolling the competition.

No one managed to take Sanders down at the feisty debate in Las Vegas on Wednesday night, providing another win for the front-runner.

Those dynamics have provoked some unusually blunt political assessments from the Buttigieg campaign and advisers to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who are warning that Democrats who fear that Sanders would be a general election disaster are running out of time if they hope to rally around an alternative.--The Hill

Many Democrats are convinced that Sanders’ views, such as free healthcare and government assistance for undocumented immigrants, might be a deal breaker for White folks–and even some Black folks–in the states Democrats need to win in order to beat Trump.

According to news reports, Trump and his allies are hoping Sanders pulls off the win since billionaire centrist Mike Bloomberg and one-time frontrunner Joe Biden might be tougher for Trump to beat.

But Sanders supporters argue that’s not a fact, and that Sanders–who is especially popular with younger voters–may be the type of nominee Democrats need to defeat Trump.

Bloomberg is hoping to rebound after a widely panned debate debut in Nevada this week; and Biden seems to be falling further behind in Sanders’ rear-view mirror.

Super Tuesday–March 3–could settle a lot of questions in the race: 14 states will feature primaries and 1/3 of the total delegate count will be cast that day.

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