Cases Of Coronavirus Spike By 14,000 In One Part Of China IN ONE DAY; Doctors Worry Virus Could ‘Wreak Havoc’ In Lesser Developed Nations

Its getting scarier. The lethal coronavirus–which medical professionals have now coded Covid-19–is claiming more lives and causing new infections, with the Chinese province of Hubei recording 242 deaths and 14,840 cases of the virus in a single day on Thursday.

Its the largest single-day rise since the epidemic began and almost ten times the number of cases confirmed on the previous day.

The government explained the spike as due to a change in how cases are tabulated — the total will now include “clinically diagnosed cases” after rising numbers of residents complained about the difficulty in getting tested and treated for the virus.”

Clinically diagnosed cases” are those patients who demonstrate all the symptoms of Covid-19 but have been unable to be scientifically tested, or died before they were tested. The hope is that more people will be able to receive treatment by allowing doctors to diagnose them with the virus. —CNN

Worldwide, the Covid-19 virus has killed or infected more than 60,000 people, with the vast majority of cases in mainland China.

Doctors have said a vaccine could be months away.

Meanwhile, an official with the World Health Organization (WHO) fears the virus could still advance into a global outbreak, despite some medical professionals previously assessing the virus was largely contained to mainland China. Now, the fear is poorer foreign countries face the most critical potential public safety threat.

“This outbreak could still go in any direction,” WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Wednesday.

“We have to invest in preparedness,” Tedros said, adding that richer countries should help invest in countries with a weaker health system. He warned the virus could “create havoc” if it reaches a country whose health system is not capable of handling such an epidemic.–CNN

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