Democrats Brace For Unexpected Results From Today’s Iowa Caucus

Democratic presidential candidates are sprinting to the finish line in Iowa’s caucus primary, set for today. Voters across the state will now have the chance to decide who will come away with a win–and, on the flip side, an L– following the first-in-the-nation primary, which often helps solidify a lead for some candidates while helping shelf the campaigns of others.

The state’s most reliable and famous poll from the state’s largest newspaper, The Des Moines Register, declined to release its findings over the weekend after a reported glitch may have inadvertently left South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg off the polls list of candidates which poll takers read off to voters being interviewed by phone.

So its unclear who is winning, will win, or if anybody has any momentum at this stage.

Demcorat are playing wait and see with stakes that are high, especially for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden: A Sanders win in Iowa and potentially in the next primary voting state, New Hampshire, could set Sanders on a trajectory that could lead to him winning the nomination outright, some political experts say, putting increased pressure on nominal frontrunner Joe Biden to rack up wins in states such as South Carolina, with heavy Black populations that lean Biden.

But several recent polls have shown Sanders edging upward nationally.

Political analysts believe the winner of the Democratic nomination will need robust Black support to clinch victory in both the primary and the general election against Trump in November.

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