Did Mom Really Cut Child’s Hair With Scissors Because Dad Let Another Woman Do The Toddler’s Hair?: Video

A father uploaded a short video in which he claims his baby’s mother is cutting his toddler daughter’s hair off with a pair of scissors because another woman allegedly did the child’s hair.

The little girl is seen crying in the video as Mama goes to work with some scissors.

“I do my own girl hair!”, mama said repeatedly.

The video was viewed over 90,00 times on WorldStarHipHop just hours after the video was made live by the site.

This is sad, ridiculous, and ratchet as hell if true and totally unfair to this little girl whose hair was probably a piping hot mess after her mama was through with her butchery.

Side note: Its never fair for a child to be punished because one parent has issues with the other parent moving on with a new relationship unless the child is in danger, and that doesn’t seem to be what’s at the center of this nonsense.

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