Escape From New York: Tekashi Reportedly Planning Out Of State Move As Soon As He Jumps Out Of Jail

After getting locked up and naming names, once celebrated rapper turned rap pariah Tekashi69 is reportedly preparing a hasty getaway from his hometown of NYC to a much safer locale out of state, according to TMZ.

The rapper’s still months away from becoming a free man, but he’s already looking toward his exit strategy … according to sources close to him. We’re told once he’s out of lockup, he’s bailing on Brooklyn, where he was born and raised, and hopes to live far away from NYC.

This decision is primarily based on his safety, but every move 69 makes will have to be approved by the federal probation department … part of his sentence includes being monitored after his release.

Regardless, our sources say Tekashi will be putting security measures in place right away to keep people from knowing his location, but even if they find him … he’ll be protected by multiple bodyguards.–TMZ

The rapper reportedly wants the best of the best in security, and security personnel: only armed former law enforcement officers or paramilitary types with artillery need apply.

But according to TMZ, some experienced bodyguards they talked to have already said the risk ain’t worth the reward in guarding the high-profile informant, who infamously spilled the tea on his former gang cohorts in exchange for less time in the federal pen.

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