Gayle King Returns To ‘CBS This Morning’, Doesn’t Address Kobe Bryant Controversy; #IStandWithGayle Becomes Trending Hashtag

Now widely loathed, CBS journalist Gayle King continues to be a social media pariah days after she asked Kobe Bryant pal and WNBA icon Lisa Leslie about his pesky rape accusation and subsequent trial in 2003. Kobe devotees wanted that page of Bryant’s life left alone in the aftermath of his tragic death in a helicopter crash in late January.

And unfortunately for ole Gayle, bringing that up was not a cute thing because social media was for the most part not having it.

And neither were convicted sex offender and former TV dad Bill Cosby, who offered his own criticism of King from his jail cell, and rap legend Snoop Dogg, who threatened King by saying somebody would “come get” her over the comments.

Snoop eventually apologized, claiming he didn’t actually threaten King.

Somebody decided to create the hashtag, #IStandWithGayle, after King’s BFF Oprah Winfrey tearfully told the Today show that King was fearful for her life and had hired bodyguards to guard her body. But the hashtag seems to have been hijacked by Gayle detractors, who are using it to further slam the interviewer.

Snoop backtracked on his comments over the weekend, with some claiming a tweet by former White House official Susan Rice ordering Snoop to “back the f*** off”, put fear in the West Coast OG. In her tweet, Rice informed Snoop he’d face an “army” if he did in fact come after Gayle or, much more plausibly, inspire someone else to come for her.

The hashtag #IStandWithSnoop also became a trending hashtag, but that’s probably moot in light of Snoop’s retreat.

Meanwhile, in her return to CBS This Morning today, King did not address the drama that has consumed several days of her life, and instead focused on a recap of The Oscars costumes.

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