Godfather Of Soul James Brown MURDERED? D.A. Asked To Find Out

More than 13 years after the Christmas Day 2006 death of James Brown, known colloquially as “The Godfather Of Soul”, a confidant of Brown is asking Atlanta’s top prosecutor to open an investigation into the details surrounding the singer’s death.

A woman named Jacque Hollander, a purported friend of Brown’s, met with Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard and provided him with information and a storage bin that she says held drugs that may have played a role in Brown’s death, which Hollander says occurred due to Brown being murdered by folks close to him.

According to Hollander, these folks supplied the singing legend with hordes of narcotics, especially cocaine.

Brown had been known in the music industry earlier in his career for demanding a strict, drug-free policy for members of his band. But by the time the 1980s rolled around, Brown himself had allegedly become addicted to PCP, cocaine, and prescription drugs.

Howard’s office is reportedly looking at the items Hollander brought forward.

Meanwhile, Brown’s personal physician has reportedly told local news agencies that any review would be a waste of time since Brown’s death was not a homicide.

CNN probed Brown’s death in a recent special.

That CNN investigation also raised questions about the death of Brown’s common-law-wife, Adrienne Brown, who died days after having cosmetic surgery.

According to CNN, an autopsy was not performed on Brown’s body at the request of Brown’s daughter. The singer’s former chauffeur told The Guardian in 2014 that Brown was never buried, and that his corpse had been “mummified’ to preserve his body.

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