Joe Biden Hopes Black South Carolina Voters Will Save His Campaign

What a difference a year makes.

This time last year, voters were still waiting for former Vice President Joe Biden to announce whether he would or would not run for president against Donald Trump, and a then growing list of Democratic candidates. According to most mainstream media pundits at that time, Biden would all but be the man to beat in the eventually crowded Democratic primary.

And then came Bernie Sanders, Vermont senator, (close) runner-up to Hillary Clinton in 2016, and longtime Democratic socialist.

Now, in late February 2020, Biden’s candidacy is slipping faster than a wet weave on a Florida beach.

Many political analysts believe Biden’s candidacy will either rise or fall with Black South Carolina primary voters, who make up about 60% of the Democratic electorate in that state. Biden enjoys widespread popularity with Black voters across the nation, largely thanks to his two terms as #2 under former President Barack Obama, the nation’s first Black POTUS.

But Biden’s poll numbers are not overwhelming, even with Black voters, who are watching just like the rest of the country as Sanders adds more wins to his belt. Recent polls show Biden leading in South Carolina by as much as 7 points (he led by more than 40 just 6 months ago) and even tied with Sanders in other polls.

Political analysts generally agree that South Carolina is make it or break it terrain for Biden.

Popular, longtime (very, very long time) Rep. James Clyburn is set to endorse Biden on Wednesday, in what Biden supporters hope will put Biden back in the mix, and save his reeling campaign. But analysts also warn that Biden needs to win the state by a convincing margin that puts fears that he’s not gonna be able to overcome Sanders to rest.

If not, pundits agree, Biden’s campaign–which once seemed White House bound, but has yet to win a primary and is reportedly running low on ends–might run out of gas (and or cash) and conclude on Super Tuesday, March 3.

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