Kamiyah Mobley’s Father Discusses Current Relationship With Daughter, Finding Out She Had Been Kidnapped While He Was In Jail

Kamiyah Mobley’s dad, Craig Aiken, sat down with First Coast News in an extensive interview to discuss his relationship with his daughter, and his views of the woman who kidnapped an infant Kamiyah from a Jacksonville hospital 20 years ago, then took her to South Carolina to raise the stolen baby as her own.

Sadly, Aiken found out his daughter had been kidnapped while he was locked down in Jacksonville’s jail. The news was delivered by a corrections officer.

“She said ‘I have good news and I have bad news,’ Aiken said. “I said ‘What’s the good news?’ because I am already in jail. What could be worse than this? She said ‘Your daughter, Kamiyah, was born seven pounds eight ounces.’ She said her name is Kamiyah. I was happy, I started to get excited and then I noticed no one else was excited. I asked her what the bad news was and she said your daughter was kidnapped. I was like ‘Kidnapped?!’ As far as I knew about kidnapping it only happens on TV and movies. Not to a person like me. Last thing I remember at that time she was like ‘Craig are you OK? And I remember telling her no.”

Aiken said he doesn’t allow the now convicted kidnapper, Gloria Williams, space in his head. Williams is serving 18 years in state prison after she was eventually arrested and prosecuted for the crime. But he clearly is hoping for the day when his daughter can move on from Williams.

“It’s not Gloria’s blood pumping through Kamiyah, it’s our blood, and the resemblance she has is of us not Gloria,” Aiken said. “So to me, she’s no competition to neither one of us. When Shanara is ready to deal with that she will.”

Williams’ crime was uncovered after a tip was made to the local police department by someone Kamiyah reportedly confided in after Kamiyah put the pieces together, ultimately determining she had been kidnapped as an infant.

News of Kamiyah’s abduction from a local hospital became a national news story. But Aiken says he wished his family would have gotten more support and cooperation from the community and local officials when his daughter was first abducted; instead, he and Kamiyah’s mother, Shanara Mobley, became victims of unfounded rumors and speculation that they had something to do with the kidnapping.

Kamiyah reportedly has plans to move in with her father who, along with her biological mother, she was reunited with in 2017.

But the reunited family has had its ups and downs while traveling down the pathway to happiness; Kamiyah has reportedly insisted on maintaining her relationship with her abductor, whom she reportedly still calls “Mom”, which has at times caused strife with her biological parents.

Kamiyah was an infamous guest on self-help guru Iyanla Vanzant’s show, but the feature turned ugly when Kamiyah went ham on Vanzant, whom Kamiyah called a b****, and also accused Vanzant of looking like a man.

Kamiyah, now 21, meanwhile stays active on her social media pages and regularly shares photos of herself with her 24,000 plus strong Instagram followers.

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