Michael Bloomberg Becoming More Popular With Black Folks, Increases Outreach, Gains Momentum: He Now Leads Florida Poll; Ties For Second In Georgia

As the discussion surrounding his history of advocating for policies that chafed minority communities continues, billionaire philanthropist Michael Bloomberg is nonetheless increasing his outreach to and visibility with voters–especially African-Americans–and his efforts are already paying dividends.

Bloomberg’s campaign knows he’ll need overwhelming Black support if he expects to win the Democratic nomination, especially with his many years of racially insensitive political baggage that rival campaigns are trying to exploit; no Democratic candidate in recent memory has won the nomination–let alone the general election–without strong Black voter turnout.

To win the White House, Bloomberg has been working hard to overcome sticky historical situations, such as stop and frisk. In pursuit of that goal, he’s deployed a growing crop of backers, many of whom are African-American, who are are now taking to cable news, radio, TV and talking with Americans in person to convince apprehensive voters that Bloomberg is the man to do what virtually every Democrat wants to see happen: Trump defeated in November.

Bloomberg is also enjoying a growing list of elected officials offering their endorsements for his campaign, and he’s spending big money on Internet ads: He reportedly spent $1 million on a host of Instagram memes recently.

Bloomberg’s estimated net worth is around $60 billion, and he has pledged to spend $1 billion of his own moolah to make happen what Democrats dream of most: Beating President Donald Trump in November.

Bloomberg’s star is quickly rising partly due to a fast-growing army of Black elected officials who are nationally singing his praises; some are folks who previously slammed Bloomberg over stop and frisk, including people who had publicly pledged their support to other candidates, like former Vice President Joe Biden–who has staked his election chances on Black voters–but who now appears ready to be eclipsed by Bloomberg.

Bloomberg is gambling that a moderate billionaire who connects with the people, and offers plans to right wrong policies (including those he championed in the past) is just what Democrats are ready to jump behind, and he may be 100% right.

New polls show Bloomberg shaking the 2020 contest up, and shoring u support in two major Southern states with large minority populations: Florida and Georgia, both Super Tuesday voting states, have new polls that show Bloomberg at the top or near the top of voters’ choices: A St. Pete Polls survey shows Bloomberg one point ahead of Biden at 27% in Florida; in Georgia, Bloomberg is tied for second in a WSB-TV/Landmark poll at 14% with Sen. Bernie Sanders (Biden currently sits at 32%–a small drop from the 36% Biden polled in late November).

Bloomberg was NYC mayor from 2002-2013.

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