Pop Smoke Victim Of Targeted Assassination? Associate Who Says He’s Smoke’s Biological Brother Denies Internet-Fueled Setup Accusations

Tributes to slain rapper Pop Smoke, a New York rap artist who was murdered reportedly after a violent pre-dawn home invasion carried out by several armed men wearing hoodies, are pouring in on social media from fans and many other Hip Hop celebrities, including 50 Cent, Nicki Minaj, Ludacris, The Game and a growing number of other shocked observers and social media users.

As fans mourn the loss of the rapper that many viewed as NYC’s next big superstar, there is mounting speculation concerning the circumstances that led to the 20 year old MC being violently murdered in what appears to be a targeted, non-robbery assassination, according to reports.

And some social media users have added to speculation by accusing a close associate of Smoke’s, Mike Dee AKA Michael Durodola, of being involved in the murder.

Importantly, Los Angeles police have not publicly implicated Dee or anyone else in the murder.

But that hasn’t stopped social media sleuths from drawing their own conclusions.

However, in an Instagram post, Dee–who shares that he was not just Smoke’s homie but is in fact Smoke’s biological half-brother–passionately denied any involvement in the crime, which remains unsolved.

Dee later deleted that post, and the post that contained a photo with the address of Smoke’s rented home in it. Dee reportedly lived at the home with Smoke.

Dee and or Smoke may have inadvertently shared a social media post that listed Pop’s home address. Some speculate that it was that post that aided Smoke’s assassins in locating the home where he resided, and where he had just hosted a party the night of his murder. The address is visible on a tag that accompanied a gift bag a party guest gave Smoke.

That was enough to set social media detectives in accusation mode.

Its important to note that police have not named Dee–or anyone else–as a suspect in the ongoing murder investigation.

Pop Smoke’s sophomore album, Meet The Woo 2, dropped this month.

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