Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Addresses Voter Who Withdrew Her Support After Finding Out He’s Gay

Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg appeared on The View and addressed an Iowa woman who asked to withdraw her support for the South Bend mayor after she was told Buttigieg is gay and married to a man.

The oblivious, sheltered, and also unidentified woman seemed to be in total disbelief that Buttigieg could have a same sex relationship.

“Are you saying that he has the same sex partner?”, the elderly woman asked incredulously. “Are you kidding?”, she said.

“Then I don’t want anybody like that in the White House”, the woman chided, and then reportedly cited The Bible in her decision making.

Its unclear where this old lady came from because its been widely reported for months that Buttigieg is openly gay and has been with his partner, Chasten, for years.

The caucus worker asked the woman why it should matter if Buttigieg is gay or not. Not addressing that question, the woman said, “It all just went right down the toilet”. Its unclear if she was referring to her support for Buttigieg, which she withdrew, or if she was implying that Buttigieg could not win the election.

Meanwhile, Iowa’s caucuses ended up being a hot mess with results still not fully known–3 days after the caucuses ended.

At last count, Buttigieg held a small lead over Senator Bernie Sanders for first place.

The View’s Co-Host Sonny Hostin asked Buttigieg what he thought of the video, especially since the woman had cast her ballot for Buttigieg but switched gears–not for ideological reasons–but simply because he is gay.

“What I want her to know is that I’m running to be her president too,” Buttigieg said, adding, “Of course, I wish she was able to see that my love is the same as her love for those that she cares about. That my marriage means as much to me as hers if she’s married”.

Many news articles have been written about Buttigieg’s political viability moving beyond Iowa, especially in states with large Black voting populations–a demographic that hasn’t shown much enthusiasm or openness to Buttigieg, partly due to widely reported controversies while serving as South Bend mayor, where he became embroiled in racial controversy.

The other obstacle, some writers and political analysts say, is Buttigieg being gay–a possible non-starter for more conservative members of the Black voting electorate, who may share a similar line of thought as the Iowa woman.

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