Ring Camera Records Teen Being Robbed, Pistol Whipped–In Front Of His Own Home

A teen in Georgia was the victim of a violent armed robbery and pistol whipping while standing in front of his home, doing nothing other than appearing to be smoking a Black & Mild cigar on a rainy day.

The shocking and brutal act was caught on a Ring doorbell camera.

What’s not known is why the victim decided to follow two armed men on foot. That prompted some viewers of the video on social media to question the authenticity of the video, along with the fact that one of the two assailants didn’t try very hard to hide his face.

Some commenters also claimed the blows looked suspect.

Meanwhile, its unclear what the condition of the victim is following such a harrowing ordeal.

Its also unclear which city in Georgia this crime took place, but its a neighborhood that maybe folks should reconsider buying or renting in.

Also meanwhile, Ring doorbell cameras have skyrocketed in popularity as they’ve successfully recorded a growing number of incidents, from mail and package thieves to burglaries and drive-by shootings.

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