Stripper Who Plummeted Face-First Into Dance Floor Quits Stripping, Enjoys Growing GoFundMe Cash; Wendy Williams Chips In $10K

Genea Sky, the acrobatic Dallas stripper who was seen plummeting 20 feet face first to the dance floor in a viral video, is raising a nice piece of change in the aftermath of her terrifying workplace mishap. Her GoFundMe account currently boasts nearly 2,000 donors, and a close to $40,00 haul as of right now.

Sky appeared today on The Wendy Williams Show. Williams had promised yesterday that the now-famous former stripper would be featured on today’s show. Sky recently announced she had retired her lace leggings and was done with the stripper game, and same as much on Wendy’s show.

On the show, in fact, Sky said she had prayed to be able to leave the sometimes salacious stripper world and instead focus on her professional ambition, which is to be an esthetician.

Sky’s now-former employer, Eric Langan, the CEO of RCI Hospitality Holding Inc., which owns the XTC Cabaret where Sky fell, told TMZ he has no plans to remove the sky-high pole that Sky fell from.

Langan also took the time to point out that no one told Sky to climb the pole.

But Langan also said he’ll help with her medical expenses days after it was reported the owners of the club claimed they don’t offer workman’s comp to pole dancers and therefore would not assume any responsibility for any of Sky’s medical bills.

Sky told Wendy Williams that she suffered a broken jaw and lost several teeth as a result of the fall. She cried when Wendy and a staffer presented her with an over-sized check for $10,000.

She underwent surgery this week, and appeared on the show with her jaw wired.

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