U.S. Coronavirus Cases Jump To 53; Alabama Mayor Says His City ‘Not Prepared’ To Deal With Patients

The U.S. Centers For Disease Control (CDC) has confirmed 53 cases of the deadly coronavirus in the country, according to CNN:

These include 36 people who were aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, three people repatriated from China and 14 US cases.

CNN adds that the 14 US cases include eight in California, one in Massachusetts, one in Washington state, one in Arizona, two in Illinois and one in Wisconsin. Among these cases, there are two instances of person-to-person transmission, one in Illinois and one in California. 

President Trump suggested the virus might subside once warmer temperatures coinciding with the onset of an early Spring might help eradicate the disease, but that has not proven to be true since new cases are popping up in places around the world where the average daily temperature is above 70 degrees.

A previous outbreak that originated on the Asian continent, SARS, reportedly decreased in its severity when temperatures warmed.

The economic impact of the virus is now being felt as production lines in China, a major global goods exporter, are slowing or closing down.

And the U.S. stock market plunged over fears of the virus and its impact on commerce.

There is also a fear among many Americans that the coronavirus may evolve into a major epidemic threat to U.S. society, though scientists have downplayed those concerns.

The mayor of Anniston, Alabama, an eastern Alabama town about 50 miles west of Atlanta, admitted that his small community and its local government is not ready to deal with people who could potentially fall ill under the virus there, or be relocated to Anniston by Health officials.

After meeting with the Department of Health and Human Services, Jack Draper said his city can’t help.

“We’re simply not prepared to help our fellow citizens, at this time, who have been diagnosed with this disease,” Draper (pictured above left) said.

City officials in Costa Mesa, California are going to court today to try to block coronavirus patients from being housed in their city.

Meanwhile, a U.S. naval base in Oxnard, California may soon receive repatriated Americans who are suffering from the virus.

New reported cases of the virus are reportedly slowing in China, where the outbreak originated, but they are increasing in other places across the globe.

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