Video Of Louisville Cop Repeatedly Punching Subdued Man In The Face Goes Viral

A video that shows a Louisville police officer repeatedly punching a subdued suspect in the face has gone viral, prompting outrage by many of those who’ve viewed the footage.

Foussene Pemba, 29, who has been described as homeless, has been charged with more than half a dozen crimes, including two felony counts of assaulting a police officer over the February 4 incident at the PNC Tower in downtown Louisville .

According to media reports, police were called on Pemba because he was allegedly “harassing people and causing a disturbance.” When cops arrived, they said they had to physically subdue him because he violently resisted them.

But its unclear what the officers themselves encountered with Pemba that inspired them to put him under arrest and take him to the ground.

A local news station in Louisville featured footage from the scuffle in its reporting, and pointed out that the officer’s punches came after Pemba struck the officer in the face while Pemba was pinned to the ground during the scuffle.

However, while police and local Louisville media appear anxious to justify the officer’s actions, the flurry of closed-fisted blows–at least a dozen–seen being thrown by the officer in response to does not sit well with many who have viewed the footage on social media: Many viewers say the officer’s response was disproportionately violent, especially since the officer is heard demanding Pemba “turn over”, presumably punching Pemba because he couldn’t do so, which by the way seemed sorta impossible considering three large adults were straddling Pemba at that moment.

An investigation of the incident is reportedly underway by local police officials.

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