Way Back Wednesdays…A Town Players: Wassup, Wassup (AKA The Bankhead Bounce)

Jumping back to 1995, and a new dance out of the ATL was quickly becoming the predominant dance move, boosted in part by the success of a hit song called “Wassup, Wassup” by the A Town Players, which featured local rappers Lil Redd, Bonay, and DJ Len.

The Bankhead Bounce soon became an international phenomenon, coincidentally at a time some now term Hip Hop’s Second Golden Era: A time when ‘Pac and Biggie were on the charts; folks were planning for Freaknik months in advance; and cell phones were mobile phones that usually were carried in a case and weighed sometimes 10 pounds.

And critically important, it was also a time when Atlanta was solidifying its place as the capital of Black and Hip Hop music.

In 1995, the Bankhead Bounce was what people were performing everywhere from neighborhood clubs to family (such as The Poole Palace, a one-time Atlanta entertainment staple that helped popularize the Bankhead Bounce) cookouts to motion pictures.

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