With Biden’s Campaign Wobbling, Are Influential Black Democrats Preparing To Overlook ‘Stop And Frisk’–And Go With Bloomberg?

With longtime Democratic frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign wobbling precariously, national Black Democrats may be gearing up to jump ship and turn to billionaire former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg, according to POLITICO.

“If Biden announced today that he was going to drop out, you’d have an avalanche of African Americans around the country going to Bloomberg,” said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), who endorsed Biden last September and plans to stick with him.–POLITICO

While Bloomberg’s deep pockets are getting his message out (he’s spent an estimated $300 million on radio and TV ads thus far), its unclear how many actual everyday Black voters are gonna give Bloomberg their vote if in fact Joe Biden–on his third run for president–once again falls short.

And as more media attention gets focused on Bloomberg’s past race-oriented sins–including his longtime support for ‘stop and frisk’, and a 2015 audio that recently went viral in which Bloomberg advocates for tougher law enforcement action against young Black men–the mystery is if enough Black voters are willing to give Bloomberg a pass if they see him as the only alternative who can beat Trump, assuming many Black voters believe new frontrunner Bernie Sanders might not be able to do it.

By the way, that audio of Bloomberg, which included him saying “all the crime” is in minority neighborhoods while also advocating for cops to “throw” minority males up against the wall, was recorded the year following an NYPD officer infamously placing Eric Garner in a fatal choke-hold on New York City streets.

When Biden entered the race, the former right hand of former President Barack Obama was lauded as the frontrunner. And the polls backed up that proposition. But then along came Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar, who are giving Biden heartburn as all three zigged past him in Iowa and/or New Hampshire.

Some Black lawmakers–who wield influence over their often significantly Black constituencies–have said they’ll stick with Biden as their man, regardless. That’s their public message. However, its unclear how long they’ll actually do that if Biden under-performs in the coming Nevada and South Carolina contests, where Biden himself admitted he’ll need die-hard support from Black and Latino voters in those states and others to keep him in the mix.

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