$500 Million and 3 Months Later, Mike Bloomberg DROPS OUT Of Presidential Race; Endorses Joe Biden

Billionaire former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg entered the race for president with a ton of cash and lots of baggage from his days of overseeing that city’s highly controversial ‘stop and frisk’ policy that almost exclusively targeted Black and Latino young men there.

And in the end, the cash couldn’t save him and the controversy became too much to overcome: Bloomberg left the race today, and endorsed the once-again frontrunner, former Vice President Joe Biden, who ran away with last night’s contests, winning 9 of 14, and upsetting Bernie Sanders in Massachusetts and Texas.

“I’ve always believed that defeating Donald Trump starts with uniting behind the candidate with the best shot to do it. After yesterday’s vote, it is clear that candidate is my friend and a great American, Joe Biden,” he said.

After sinking about half a billion dollars into the effort to win the Democratic nomination to face Trump, yesterday’s Super Tuesday saw Bloomberg win only one contest–in faraway American Samoa, a place most Americans can’t find on a map.

The Democratic establishment has been rapidly circling the wagons for Biden after Black voters there rescued his candidacy over the weekend in South Carolina, turning out in droves for the man who served at the right hand of the nation’s first Black President, Barack Obama.

National Democrats are now hoping that Bloomberg will once again open his hefty wallets and rain much-needed dough on Biden, who still faces a stiff challenge from socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders and potentially the well-funded reelection campaign of President Trump.

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