Controversial L.A. Prosecutor Who’s Hubby Pulled Gun On BLM Protesters Expected To Win Reelection

Widely criticized Los Angeles county district attorney Jackie Lacey appears headed for an outright reelection win, as she looks likely to avoid a runoff while holding a massive lead over two challengers who say Lacey is standing in the way of much-needed criminal justice reform in the nation’s second largest city.

According to CBS 2, as of this morning, Lacey’s number are slightly above the 50% threshold an incumbent needs to win without a runoff.

Semi-official results from Tuesday’s election showed Lacey with 50.69 percent of the vote, just above the 50 percent majority mark she needs to win reelection without need for a runoff. Gascón was in second, at 26.83 percent, with Rossi in third at 22.47 percent.–CBS2

With a win, Lacey will be entering her third term in office.

Civil rights groups, including Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists, have long pointed to Lacey as a troubling figure who has steadfastly opposed any semblance of criminal justice reform in the county, pointing to the fact that Lacey has only once found a police officer criminally at fault out of more than 500 incidents involving armed police violence against citizens–the majority of them Black, but many Hispanics as well.

Perhaps not ironically, Lacey’s husband made national headlines this week when footage was released that showed him pointing a handgun at reportedly unarmed BLM protesters who showed up at the couple’s doorstep to protest.

Jackie Lacey later offered the excuse that she and her husband were home alone when the protesters showed up, and complained in a news conference that her family shouldn’t have to deal with protesters at their home address.

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