Uncertainty Increases As Many Are Forced To Choose Between Risking Coronavirus Infection Or Not Going Back To Work

Governors across the country are ramping up efforts to reopen the U.S. economy, but millions of Americans aren’t so sure this is the time to make such moves.

According to polls, a clear majority of Americans believe its much too soon to be reopening the nation’s industries and retail operations, many of which have been shuttered for about a month as a result of shelter-in-place orders that were put in place in the vast majority of states.

But as the economy plunges into territory unseen since the Great Recession of the last portion of the 2000s, political authorities are responding by giving the green light to businesses to open their doors.

But not every worker is prepared to clock in just because a politician says so; and its still unclear how many folks are ready to go out and shop even with many restrictions lifted. That’s all due to a rising coronavirus death toll of over 61,000 people and more than 1 million sickened by the deadly respiratory disease in the United States.

A cure for the disease has yet to be found, nor is a vaccine currently available. And that’s what has so many people shook.

In states like Texas and Iowa, some workers have been told if their employers reopen and those employees refuse to go to work, they will lose their unemployment benefits.

Many now fear states such as Florida and Georgia, where those states’ Republican governors controversially moved quickly to reopen beaches and industry, could follow the same path, potentially putting additional lives at risk–and others out on the street when their rent comes due and they have no source of funding to cover it.

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