TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?? Booties, Blunts, And Booze: Twitter Responds After Lil Boosie Hosts Massive Pool Party During Pandemic

People partied before The Flood; Lil Boosie had a pool party during a pandemic. And Twitter had something to say about it over the weekend.

The Baton Rouge born Atlanta transplant hosted a pool party attended by hundreds at a suburban Atlanta mansion where booties, blunts, and booze was plentiful–but masks were not, according to viral video uploaded to social media that shows a festive party scene that reportedly included optional enhanced-priced VIP seating.

Many social media users pointed out that, as a man who has long battled diabetes, the beloved gangsta rapper is particularly at risk for a bad outcome if he were to contract the deadly coronavirus, especially in a state like Georgia, where coronavirus numbers are high, and the state’s governor, Brian Kemp, has done virtually nothing to address the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the affair’s theme seemed to be “F— Coronavirus”, as guests ignored social distancing guidelines and proceeded to party hearty.

Boosie also appeared to say “Fuck A Recession”, as he’s been hosted these parties, which include special guests and VIP seating, for awhile now, promoting them as annual events. But evidently they’ve become more bi-weekly in nature, with more coming–including a Lil Boosie pool party scheduled in Jacksonville next week.

Boosie’s Jacksonville event is set to take place on August 8 at a presently-undisclosed mansion where the festivities will include both a bikini and a “cucumber” contest.

President Trump was recently forced to cancel his widely hyped convention in Jacksonville as the city and the state grapple with record numbers of new infections.

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