Child Hospitalizations From Covid-19 INCREASE 23% In Florida As State Prepares To Send Kids Off To School

Florida’s children are increasingly becoming hospital patients as the coronavirus continues to run through the state–while, simultaneously, the state prepares to send children back to school.

On July 16, the state had a total of 23,170 children ages 17 and under who had tested positive since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the Florida Department of Health. By July 24, that number jumped to 31,150.

That’s a 34% increase in new cases among children in eight days.

And more children in Florida are requiring hospitalization. As of July 16, 246 children had been hospitalized with coronavirus. By July 24, that number had jumped to 303. That’s a 23% increase in child Covid-19 hospitalizations in eight days.

During that same time period, the death toll among children in Florida went from 4 to 5.–CNN

Meanwhile, Republican governor Ron Desantis has followed President Trump’s prerogative, insisting that kids must return to school in August, despite a majority of Floridians being opposed to the move.

Desantis, who isn’t up for re-election until 2022, is hoping to boost Trump’s dwindling reelection prospects in the state by pushing an economy-first objective that prioritizes reopening the economy before voters cast ballots in November.

But many terrified kids, parents, and teachers aren’t thrilled about schools reopening next month, especially in light of Desantis’ widely criticized handling of the deadly virus.

Florida is among the nation’s top 4 state’s with the most cases of coronavirus.

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