Herman Cain DEAD At 74: Former Republican Presidential Candidate Criticized Mask Mandates, Contracted Coronavirus Days After Attending Trump Rally

Businessman and former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has died.

Cain was hospitalized July 1 after testing positive for the deadly coronavirus just two days earlier on June 29. News of Cain’s positive test results came barely a week after he attended President Donald Trump’s widely derided June 20 Tulsa rally.

Cain was photographed with other notable Black conservative figures and Trump supporters in a photo in which none in the photo were seen wearing a mask.

Days after Trump’s rally, Tulsa experienced a spike in covid-19 cases, even though the rally was sparsely attended.

As an elderly cancer survivor, Cain was among a higher risk group of Americans who studies have shown carry a higher risk of severe complication or death if they contract the virus.

Cain was reported to have still been in the hospital as of yesterday, weeks after being admitted, and was reportedly receiving oxygen supplements.

A longtime conservative Republican, Cain ran for president in 2012. He was briefly regarded as a frontrunner for the nomination until several women came forward alleging sexual misconduct against Cain; supporters of Cain blamed the scandalous revelations, and their curious timing, on Cain’s GOP opponent, Mitt Romney.

Cain fiercely criticized life-saving mask mandates that had been put in place by some jurisdictions and businesses, posting on social media that “PEOPLE ARE FED UP!” with being forced to wear masks. He shared that post on July 1–the same day he would end up being hospitalized.

Cain leaves behind 2 children, and his wife of 52 years, Gloria.

R.I.P. Herman Cain

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