Joe Biden Risks Alienating Black Voters By Not Choosing A Black Woman As VP Candidate

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has said a decision on whom he will pick to join his ticket as vice presidential nominee could come as early as next week, and several names have been floated as making the final cut: California Rep. Karen Bass; Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren; Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth; and California Senator Kamala Harris.

Sen. Duckworth would be the nation’s first Asian-American vice presidential choice on a major party ticket if chosen–an irony that has caused concern among many Black voters who believe Biden should choose a Black woman as his pick, especially considering it was Black voters who rescued Biden’s wobbling campaign just a few short months ago when he appeared on the ropes.

And while Sen. Warren registers high approval with Black voters, she is also not a Black woman.

Biden is then left with only one choice: Choose a Black woman. Or, risk alientaing a sizeable number of Black voters who are already unenthused with Joe Biden: Polls have shown a huge slice of pro-Biden voters are more motivated by a desire to beat Trump rather than see Biden in the White House.

And here’s part of the reason why: Aside from saying racially unaware things like incorrectly claiming Trump is the nation’s first racist president, when this nation has had everything from slave-owners to KKK members as commanders-in-chief, Biden also famously authored a 1994 crime bill that paved the way for hundreds of thousands of Black people to be sent to jails and prisons around the country.

Not choosing a Black woman, when so many of the women being mentioned are highly qualified to take the slot, reinforces the notion held by some Black voters that Joe Biden wants Black votes, but not Black voices.

The result could be just enough Black voters stay at home during this election, possibly handing the race off to Trump, justifying it by viewing Biden as being no different than Trump, only less obviously racially insensitive.

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