Republicans Want To Drop $600 Federal Unemployment Benefits Down To Just $200

Republicans in the U.S. Senate and the White House want to drastically reduce the much-needed unemployment benefits that millions of underemployed and laid off Americans received to help them pay their bills and other obligations from $600 per week down to $200 per week, according to news reports.

This news comes as the nation grapples with a still-surging coronavirus pandemic that has forced millions out of work, and resulted in over 4 million infections and nearly 150,000 deaths.

Aside from cutting funds from working Americans, Republicans want to protect businesses from lawsuits brought by consumers or workers who contract the virus after being pushed back to work as a result of moves made by Republicans including President Donald Trump in order to supposedly boost the economy before the election in November.

Democrats have said Republicans have not done enough to aid troubled Americans during the crisis, and have at times stood in the way of legislation that could keep people afloat for what could turn out to be an even deeper economic recession.

And as millions now face eviction, it was only yesterday that a Trump official claimed the administration would extend the federal moratorium on evictions, but he offered no specifics.

Meanwhile, courthouses across the country reported a flood of eviction filings last week.

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