DEADLY FIGURES: 200,000 Americans Have Died From Covid-19

Two hundred thousand Americans have now died from the coronavirus–a staggering average of 858 deaths per day, every day, since February 6, when the first known death due to covid-19 was recorded in the country.

Back in March, Dr. Anthony Fauci was lambasted by Trump administration officials for what they said was an overdramatized estimate of the potentially deadly impact of the lethal virus when he said 200,000 Americans could die from the virus.

Now that day has come. And more deaths are on the way.

And Black Americans have been disproportionately represented in the number of covid illnesses and deaths.

The 2020 election has largely become a referendum on the Trump administration’s widely criticized mishandling of the virus, with President Trump admitting to downplaying the lethal aspect of the virus in a recorded conversation with Watergate reporter Bob Woodward; this was at the same time the president was publicly calling the virus a “Democrat hoax”.

Trump has been criticized for eschewing masks even after his own health officials maintained that mask wearing would reduce both spread of and death from the disease, which presently has no cure.

Meanwhile, as polls show him trailing Democrat Joe Biden in most battleground states, Trump has resumed large campaign rallies, where his adoring supporters sometimes wear masks but don’t do much social distancing.

Across the country, local governments and businesses have struggled to encourage social distancing and mask wearing, but many people are choosing to embrace either, while the death rate continues to soar.

While it is expected that a vaccine could be made widely available within the next 12 months, its unclear how many more deaths will occur before then.

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